So for many years now I have been trying to go skydiving. The only thing that kept me from fulfilling this dream was that I could either never find the time or I could never find someone to go with. Let’s face it, no one wants to try something that scary for the first time by themselves. If YOU are the exception, then kudos to you because it was an amazing experience that I was able to share with my friend and then brag about later.

At first we watched a video that basically told us the jump would be risky and that injury may occur or even worse death. That pretty much sounds like everything else nowadays. I mean seriously, have you ever watched a commercial for something that was supposed to make you feel better and then after the pros there’s like a whole page and a half of fine print listing side effects that outweigh the pros? Well this was pretty much the same thing.

Waiting for my turn to get into that plane to jump out TEN THOUSAND FEET up was both exciting and nerve-racking. My heart was all over the place. During the flight up to the goal height I was trying to calm my nerves by doing some deep breathing, which was recommended to me by the gentlemen I was attached to. This helped a lot. When it was time to jump I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to hop out and experience the world from a birds-eye. I was finally flying and carefree. The view was beyond spectacular and I will take that moment with me forever.

This was a great experience and I will definitely be going back with more friends in the future. For those who are curious, the flight up to the expected elevation was the scariest part, and when it comes time to jump out of the plane you will know exactly what to do (with the help of the instructor of course). One more note before I conclude, the song I had in my head to help me calm down during my deep breathing exercise was Ain’t it Fun by Paramore. It calmed me down and reminded me that I want to try new things and experience the most out of life.

photo by 516-skydive



You ever just randomly have a song pop up in your head out of nowhere and it just makes you start having other thoughts? Well yesterday, while watching The Biggest Loser, I thought of the song Time of My Life from the movie Dirty Dancing. Of course many know the final dance scene where Patrick Swayze’s famous one liner “Nobody puts baby in the corner” occurs and then he takes the stage with Jennifer Grey and they have this amazing dance that ends in this beautifully perfect lift that they couldn’t figure out the timing to throughout the entire course of the movie. Well that’s the exact part I was thinking of and then I remembered Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone did the same lift in Crazy Stupid Love.

 patrick swayze & jennifer grey

patrick swayze & jennifer grey

Well I let my imagination run wild and thought, “hmm let’s look this up on YouTube”. As I sat there on my computer rummaging through the successful wedding dances from the brides and grooms that emulated the final dance scene from the movie, along with many failed attempts at lifting gone wrong, I reminisced on the time my sister and her boyfriend thought it was okay to try this lift in a small Chinese take out restaurant. Needless to say, this belonged in the failed attempt category. As I continued to delve into this dance routine I thought of how much fun this would be if I tried this with my own boyfriend. Then I came to my senses and remembered this is not something my boyfriend would even think of doing and if we did pursue this project it would probably go horribly wrong. But in a perfect world (like that of the one in my head) I would successfully tackle this lift and it would look a lot like that of the scene from Crazy Stupid Love, mostly because I would do this in the privacy of my home or somewhere I wouldn’t be judged, and then brag about it on social media with a short clip.

ryan gosling & emma stone

ryan gosling & emma stone

By the time I was done with my Dirty Dancing tangent, I looked back up at the television only to realize I had missed the entire episode of The Biggest Loser and only had three or four minutes left. It’s a good thing I was not doing something of dire importance because I would have been easily distracted with one of my many random thoughts. It’s funny how time gets away from you when you get side tracked.


The power of music can be so influential. I admire the lyrics of songs and how one song can either make or break your day. My mood can change from one emotion to another with the change of a imgressong. It can bring me back to a time when I was happy, a time when I stayed up all night reading a book I couldn’t put down, a memory from high school, or whenever. Listening to music is a hobby of mine and I would love to share the music with everyone because sometimes the lyrics don’t matter and it’s all about the beat, and then it’s all about the lyrics and the beat and instrumentals are all just a plus.


When deciding that I wanted to further my education so that I could do something of meaning with my life there were several factors I had to think about. I knew that I wanted to find an affordable school within a reasonable distance from home in addition to having my targeted field of study. However, this was not Burger King and I definitely could not have it my way so I had to sacrifice. I was not willing to relocate unless the price was right, and I can assure the price was not right. As a result I decided to go back to school part-time and make a two-hour trip twice a week for the next few years until my degree was completed. I would continue to work to pay for tuition and gas but then reality kicked in. I was aware that each time I traveled to school I would have to pay a toll, which I was completely fine with. The thing that I was not okay with was getting stuck in traffic, constant road-work (which I believe should not occur during the hours of 8am – 10pm), detours (that have taken me into another state, adding to my expenses), and having to make the trip three or four times a week. These trips were no longer two hours, rather two and a half hours up to four hours, and this was just driving one way.  Let’s face it, these drives were driving me crazy and I began developing road rage because Itraffic was not getting to where I needed to be fast enough. Driving up to four hours one way should have had me in a different state and to my destination already, so why was it taking me so long to get to where I needed to be in my own state.

The radio stations tended to play the same ten songs over and over again which was not helping my situation.One day, as I sat in traffic I reflected on my life and whether or not I even wanted to continue my education because I wasn’t sure if it was even worth it any more. I tried to blow off steam later on with a jog and my iPod. Then it hit me that perhaps my drive to school would not be as miserable if I had a few playlists that could help me pass the time as well as place my stress elsewhere. While focusing on the road, I would pretend I was either going for a run, practicing yoga, and more ideas that did not limit me to my little coupe and the bumper to bumper traffic surrounding me.