When deciding that I wanted to further my education so that I could do something of meaning with my life there were several factors I had to think about. I knew that I wanted to find an affordable school within a reasonable distance from home in addition to having my targeted field of study. However, this was not Burger King and I definitely could not have it my way so I had to sacrifice. I was not willing to relocate unless the price was right, and I can assure the price was not right. As a result I decided to go back to school part-time and make a two-hour trip twice a week for the next few years until my degree was completed. I would continue to work to pay for tuition and gas but then reality kicked in. I was aware that each time I traveled to school I would have to pay a toll, which I was completely fine with. The thing that I was not okay with was getting stuck in traffic, constant road-work (which I believe should not occur during the hours of 8am – 10pm), detours (that have taken me into another state, adding to my expenses), and having to make the trip three or four times a week. These trips were no longer two hours, rather two and a half hours up to four hours, and this was just driving one way.  Let’s face it, these drives were driving me crazy and I began developing road rage because Itraffic was not getting to where I needed to be fast enough. Driving up to four hours one way should have had me in a different state and to my destination already, so why was it taking me so long to get to where I needed to be in my own state.

The radio stations tended to play the same ten songs over and over again which was not helping my situation.One day, as I sat in traffic I reflected on my life and whether or not I even wanted to continue my education because I wasn’t sure if it was even worth it any more. I tried to blow off steam later on with a jog and my iPod. Then it hit me that perhaps my drive to school would not be as miserable if I had a few playlists that could help me pass the time as well as place my stress elsewhere. While focusing on the road, I would pretend I was either going for a run, practicing yoga, and more ideas that did not limit me to my little coupe and the bumper to bumper traffic surrounding me.


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